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Are you the resident Knicks expert amongst your friends and family? Are you funny, friendly, and most importantly, reliable?

Why not take advantage of your passion for the New York Knicks and volunteer for

We’re looking for volunteers to make sure we keep For Fans, By Fans! If you’re interested, please apply with the following to

Why should you join

With one of the fastest growing communities on Facebook than other Knicks fan operated sites, you’ll be joining one of the best Knicks Fan site in the world today. You’ll be joining a team helped create, the largest Knicks Fan Site on the net today. With the help of this great network, we will be able to soon interview players, gain all-access passes to Practices and Events, and have your articles show up on all major media outlets around the net.

The key to our success is our volunteers and how much they have dedicated their time to producing quality original content. Our volunteers have also gained the experience to launch their own websites such as:


Here’s how you can get started:

Email us at mailbag [at]

  • Name
  • Position
  • Cover Letter and Resume
  • Writing Sample (when applicable)
  • Graphic Sample (when applicable)

Available Positions:

Writer – Please have good writing, grammar skills and be somewhat internet savvy. Some of our volunteers have been able to receive college credit through their school’s internship program, so why not earn credit writing about the Knicks? Our writers have been featured in the OC Register, LA Times, Fox Sports West, ESPN, Yardbarker, SB Nation and tons of other sports sites. If you’re looking to add to your portfolio, then this is the place to be.

The following positions are what we’re looking for to fill:

  • Pre-Game Analyst: On the day of the game, we aim to provide Daily Knicks with a pre-game analysis of the opponent and the Knicks advantages and disadvantages.
  • Post-Game Analyst: Within one hour after a game, be able to provide a quick analysis and recap of the game.
  • Editorial Writer: You can either write on topics that we have on our list or you can come up with some yourself. This position will be asked to produce at least once piece of content per week.
  • News Aggregator: If you’re on the internet 24/7 looking for news about the Knicks, this position is perfect for you. This position asks that you are able to grasp the quick points of the news article and provide quick opinions on the matter.

Volunteer Based – this is NOT a paying job, but, we can promise that you’re going to meet a lot of great fans and we’ll meet up if possible where your dedication and loyalties will be appreciated.

For aspiring journalists and artists, this is a great opportunity to add to your portfolio and you will be able to add us as a reference as we get bigger and bigger.

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